James Philip Milner
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Happy birthday Jimmy Milner!
You looked so cute haha :3!!

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Happy Birthday James Philip Milner

~ he was born in Wortley,Leeds,England. he was born at 4th January 1986. he was born to be a hero,a role model and an idol. i love this guy so much. he is a special footballer although i never saw his name on Balloon D’or,but it’s not a problem for me. he is so talented. maybe just a stupid person who can’t see his fine performances and his skills. he is a nice person too. well i just can’t describe my feeling right now. i just want to say,God bless you,James :) have a great year! xx


▮ Faithfull Forever would like to wish a certain Mr. Keith Richards a very Happy 70th Birthday. Keep on rocking

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James Milner and David Silva


James and Joe!

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oh god what a cute!